Procedure for complaints and/or appeals

This procedure is related to complaints and/or appeals about policy, procedure or actions from the editorial staff of the journal. The journal’s editorial staff is open to comments and/or appeals  that contribute to the improvement of our processes. We are committed to answer such complaints in an expedite and constructive manner.

The procedure to file a complaint and/or appeal is as follows:

- The individual who files a complaint and/or appeal must do so via the following email address:

- A complaint and/or appeal must be related to an error in the editorial procedure, such as a disproportionately long delay in replying to an author or reaching a decision regarding a manuscript, a rude reply or a serious error in judgement.

- The complaint and/or appeal must be about something that is within the responsibility and jurisdiction of the editorial department of the journal.

- Complaints and/or appeals will be processed by the corresponding member of the editorial staff and will escalate to the Editor in chief if necessary.

- If the initial response is inadequate, the person filing a complaint and/or appeal may request involvement of the Editor in chief, whose decision is definitive and final.

- If the person filing a complaint and/or appeal is not satisfied after the final decision, they may file a complaint to a regulating body such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

- All complaints and/or appeals shall and will be addressed within seven workdays of reception.